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The band had first encountered Jimi and The Experience’s drummer Mitch Mitchell when they dropped by their gig at the Whisky A Go Go.

He did it all: wah-wah pedals, distortion, endlessly sustained notes and the two-handed tapping heard on wouldn’t budge beyond No.17 in the US, although it cracked the Top 10 in Britain.

“I wanted to discover more about my dad and preserve his legacy,” says Sinclair, who was just two years old when Kath died.

" These were allegedly Terry Kath’s final words before he accidentally put a bullet in his head in 1978. Kath’s accidental shooting was a tragic final act for a husband and father, and a musician once described by Jimi Hendrix as “better than me”. The result of her work, is now complete and will hopefully find distribution at some point later this year.

That whistle was the sign that you had eight bars left, and then it was time to go back into the bridge.” , about an Arizona motorcycle cop’s run-in with local hippies.

Guercio suggested Loughnane, Kath, Parazaider and Cetera play the hippies.

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