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Another flexible tube with a mouthpiece is fitted into the side of the vase above the water.

Thus, the smoke passes through the water, where it is cooled before it enter the mouth.

Fresh khat leaves contain cathinone - a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

African Woodbine - Marijuana cigarette Aftershock - 40% whiskey crystals, you eat them Agonies - Withdrawal symptoms Aimies - Amphetamine; amyl nitrite AIP - Heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan Air Blast - Inhalant Airhead - Marijuana user; under the influence of marijuana Airplane - Marijuana Alcohol - Booze, brews, hard stuff, hooch, juice, sauce Alice B.

african salad, bushman's tea, kat, khat, miraa, qat, chat, tohai, and tschat; a flowering shrub native to northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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Cannabis Tea - Marijuana Caps - Drug capsules Carmabis - Marijuana Cartucho (Spanish) - Package of marijuana cigarettes Cartwheels - Amphetamines Cat - Designer drug called cathin, cathinone, or methcathinone; easily made recipes are on Internet; similar to methamphetamines in chemistry, effects on bodies, and risks to children, bathtub speed Cat Valium - Ketamine Catnip - Marijuana cigarette Catha edulis - Also known as african salad, bushman's tea, gat, kat, khat, miraa, qat, chat, tohai, and tschat; a flowering shrub native to northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.DXM abuse is called "Robotripping" or "Tussing." Users might be called "syrup heads" or "robotards." Diablito, (Spanish) - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint. - Driving under the influence Dummy Dust - PCP Dust - Cocaine, Heroin, PCP, narcotics in powder form; marijuana mixed with various chemicals; cocaine; heroin; PCP Dust Blunt - A joint with PCP and marijuana Duster - Cigarette made of tobacco, mint leaves, marijuana, or parsley sprinkled with phencyclidine (PCP) also know as Angel Dust Dusting - Adding PCP, heroin or another drug to marijuana D. Also known as Dex, Magic Skittles, Robo, Rojo, Skittles, Triple C, Tussin, Vitamin D.Diamonds - Methamphetamine Didrex - Type of stimulant drug Diet Pills - Methamphetamine Dime - a quantity of drugs which sells on the streets for Dime Bag - worth of drugs Dip - Marijuana joints dipped in PCP Dipped Joints - Marijuana combined with PCP and formaldehyde Dirt - Heroin Dirt Grass - Inferior quality marijuana Dirties - Marijuana cigarettes with powder cocaine added to them Dirty Joints - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana Dollies - Methadone Domestic - Locally grown marijuana Don Juan - Marijuana Donk - Marijuana/PCP combination Doobage - Used when referrinf to rolling a joint, smoking, or otherwise getting high Doobie - Marijuana cigarette, usually larger than a joint, the term is said to have originated from the baby boomer generation kid's show Romper Room, where the good children were called the "Do-Bees." Dope - A general term for drugs of abuse; marijuana; heroin; any other drug Dope Smoke - To smoke marijuana Doses - LSD Dots - LSD Double Stack - MDMA tab, double thickness Downs/Downers - Depressants such as barbiturates, tranquilizers, barbs DMT - Strong hallucinogen designer drug, orange powder, often smoked in pipe Doughnut - A hole, usually in the stem of a pipe, allowing smoke to split and pass through two passageways Draf - Marijuana; ecstasy, with cocaine Dried Out - Having gone through a withdrawal program for drugs or alcohol Drop - To take a drug orally; a place where money or drugs are left Druggie - A narcotic user or addict Drunk and Disorderly - A person is drunk and acting up (out of control, yelling, etc.) It is a crime in many states Drunk Pills - Valium D. DXM abuse is called "Robotripping" or "Tussing." Users might be called "syrup heads" or "robotards." Dynamite - High quality, potent drugs E - Ecstasy, MDMA E-Bombs - MDMA E-Puddle - Sleeping or crashed out on the floor due to MDMA use/exhaustion E-Tard - Person under the influence of MDMA who irritates others by hugging everybody Easy Lay - GHB Easy Score - Obtaining drugs without difficulty Ebos - Ecstasy Ecstasy (or Ecstacy) - 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, MDMA, (methylenedioxymethamphetamine); designer drug with long-lasting high associated often with RAVE parties; Adam, Armanis, Beans, blue lips, blue kisses decadence, disco biscuits, doctor, E, Ebos, essence, Eve, ex, extasy, green nips, Kleenex, herbal bliss, hug drug, love drug, lovers' speed, rib, Scooby snacks, shabu, sweetarts, tulips, X, X'ing, XTC, wafers, white octagons Eden - MBDB, methyl-J Eightball - Eighth of an ounce/gram = 3.5 grams (dealer absorbs the .34952 grams) Eighth - One-eighth of a pound of drugs; a ratio, 1:8 EKG - Ketamine Elbow - A pound of pot El Diablito, (Spanish) - Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and PCP El Diablo, (Spanish) - Cocaine, marijuana, and heroin Elephant - PCP; marijuana Elephant Flipping - PCP and MDMA Embalming Fluid - PCP Ethyl Alcohol/Ethanol - A liquid from fermentation of sugars and starches and used as a solvent in drugs and in intoxicating beverages Euphoria - 4-methyl-aminorex; also known as U-4-E-uh or ice Eve - Ecstasy, MDMA, MDEA, 3,4-methylenedioxy-ethamphetamine Everclear - A 90% alcohol concoction, GHB Ex - Ecstasy; MDMA Experience - Trip on LSD Extasy -Ecstasy; MDMA Factory - Place where illicit drugs are diluted, packaged, manufactured and/or prepared for sale Fall - Arrested Fantasy - GHB Feed Bag - Container for marijuana Feds - Federal Agents Fermentation - Yeast acting on sugar and starches in fruits and/or grain producing alcohol Fiend - Someone who smokes marijuana alone Finger - Stick-shaped piece of hashish; marijuana cigarette Fire - Methamphetamine Fire It Up - To smoke marijuana Fishin' Out - Fall on the floor from a GHB, meth or ecstasy overdose and flop around; a seizure or convulsion Fives - Methamphetamine Fix - An injection of drugs Flake - Cocaine Flashback - Recurrence of hallucinations Flatliners - MTA (4-methylthioamphetamine); the practice of cutting off oxygen in an effort to attain a drug-like high; also known as blackout, space monkey Flea Powder - Poor quality drugs Flip Out - Become psychotic or irrational Flowing - Rave dance style Flunitrazepam - Rohypnol, a designer drug known as the date rape drug; circles, forget-me pills, mexican valuim, rib, roach-2, roaches, roche, roofies, roopies, rope, rophies, ropies, ruffies Fly Mexican Airlines - To smoke marijuana Flying - Under the influence of drugs Foo Foo - Cocaine Football - Amphetamine (The) Forget Pill - Rohypnol, circles, flunitrazepam Forty - A forty-ounce bottle of beer or malt liquor (considered a single serving) Freak Out - A bad trip; an unexpected reaction to a drug Free Till You Pee - Bar specials until the first person has to use the restroom, encourages intoxication Free Base - Smoking cocaine from a special water pipe Freeze - To renege on a drug transaction Fresh/Phat - Having a good supply of marijuana Frios, (Spanish) - Marijuana laced with PCP Frisco Speedball - Cocaine, heroin, and LSD Frogs - LSD Front - To put money out before receiving the merchandise Fry - Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also laced with PCP, crack cocaine.Also known as battery acid, cherry meth, date rape drug, easy lay, everclear, fantasy, G, Georgia Home Boy, goop, grievous bodily harm, jib, liquid ecstasy, liquid G, liquid X, organic Quaalude, salty war, salty water, scoop, sleep 500, soap, vita G, zonked GHL - Gamma Butyrolactone, a key ingredient in GHB. Hand Grenade - Small bottle of potent pre-mixed alcoholic drink in child-level, self-serve displays at convenient stores; neon cartoon pictures on labels Hand-To-Hand - Direct delivery and payment Hangover - Sick feeling (headache, upset stomach, etc.), caused by drinking too much alcohol Happy Dust - Cocaine Happy Stick - A joint with PCP and marijuana Happy Trails - Cocaine Hard Stuff - Alcohol; narcotics Hardline - Crack Cocaine Hardware - Inhalants Harry - Heroin Harsh - Marijuana Has - Marijuana Hash - Marijuana; potent mixture of the resins and flowers of the marijuana plant; black hash, chocolate, finger, gram, hash, kif, Lebanese, Mister Brownstone, oil, platters, quarter moon, soles, temple balls, thai sticks Hashbury - Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco, emphasis on hash(ish) Hash Oil - A form of cannabis which is extracted or distilled from the Cannabis sativa plant Hashish/Hash - Potent mixture of the resins and flowers of the marijuana plant; black hash, chocolate, finger, gram, hash, kif, Lebanese, Mister Brownstone, oil, platters, quarter moon, soles, temple balls, thai sticks Hawaiian Black - Marijuana Hawaiian Homegrown Hay - Marijuana Hawaiian Salt - Methamphetamine Hay - Marijuana Head - Someone who uses drugs frequently Headpiece - Any item of smokeware created with such skill and imagination that it transcends functionality and becomes an art Head Shop - Store specializing in the sale of drug paraphernalia and drug-related items Hearts - Dexadrine Heat - Police (or gun) Heaven - Cocaine Heavenly Blue - Morning glory seeds; a hallucinogen Heavy Burner - A person who smokes a lot of dope, burnout Heeled - Having plenty of money Hemp - Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) used for rope, fabrics, clothing, and paper.Movement to legalize hemp is sponsored largely by pro- marijuana legalization movement Herb - Marijuana Herb and Al - Marijuana and alcohol Herbal Bliss - Ecstasy, MDMA Heroin - Antifreeze, Aries, Aunt Hazel, bad seed, ballot, Big H, Bin Laden, black pearl, black tar, blanco, china white, crank, dirt, dope, dust, fix, H.

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