Updating dmi

Hi, I have clients who would like me to add a feature that my app will open only if a certain string is written in the bios by them.

here is what they asked : "the app will run only by sensing DMI area in BIOS." What api read that information?

updating dmi-10

(7) PCID = Ok under the battery cover there is a Sticker...might also be on the Motherboard.Frankly, if it were I, since I rarely start my computers from scratch more than every month or two, and I have ruined a couple of motherboards while flashing the BIOS, it is not for the feint of heart, I would leave well enough alone and hit an extra CR when needed. Ive bought about ten MB from them and this is the only one I've ever had this issue with. Unfortunately, it does me little good as by the next time Ill need it, it'll be a long time, and more pertinantly, I do not yet know how to micro-solder.I have been able to teach myself many things, but that is out of my reach without an instructor. probably cause there no way to share it (the utility) here. mertyle beach-thanks, i think raphoenix- well whats a better alternative?The DMI table is used by the operating system to determine which devices are available, mostly so the OS doesn't have to perform this work by itself, but also so that the data reported is produced consistently.But sometimes, when a system is fired up, it reaches this stage of the POST (it usually says "Building DMI pool" or "Verifying DMI pool data") and then hangs.

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