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Rob Whiteman, CIPFA chief executive, commented: “Today’s public finance professionals have to excel in more than traditional accountancy skills – they must possess a raft of other abilities, including personal qualities of communication, entrepreneurship, collaboration and systems leadership.Shoshanah is the Clinical Director and founder of Beacon House and brings to the Service fifteen years’ experience of working with children and adults.Key issues Social workers are increasingly working within multidisciplinary teams, such as youth offending, community mental health and community learning difficulty teams.In these settings social work may not be the predominant profession and practitioners may feel marginalised.Examples of multidisciplinary teams The community mental health team (CMHT) is widely regarded as the model for all multi-disciplinary teams.Social workers and community psychiatric nurses are the mainstay of CMHTs.The scheme also has its own laundry room facilities. For the purposes of this scheme, a key worker is someone employed by the public sector in a frontline role delivering an essential public service in the areas of health, education and community safety where there are serious recruitment and retention problems.Take a virtual tour of Sussex Way Key Worker Living The Key Worker Living government initiative is helping key workers in London, the South East and East of England to buy a home, upgrade to a family home or rent a home at an affordable price. Further Information: Key Worker Living FAQ Questionnaire NHS staff assisted to-date Home Buy agent contacts What is a Home Buy Agent?

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Shoshanah has also undertaken further specialist training in the assessment and treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation.Situated close to many local shops and entertainment facilities Sussex Way has good travel links, buses from the Holloway and Hornsey Roads, and train / tube travel from Crouch Hill, Archway, and Upper Holloway.The rent for this property is 641.32 per person, per calendar month, including all utility, service charge and Council Tax.Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) have also adopted multidisciplinary teams.Department of Health guidance includes Developing High Quality Multi-disciplinary CAMHS Teams.

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