Harmony remote updating region

For 2010, the lineup expands to include the Harmony 300 and the Harmony 600, as well as the 0 Harmony 650 reviewed here.

Except for different color schemes, the Harmony 650 (gray with black buttons) has the same chassis and button layout as the step-down Harmony 600 (silver with white buttons) and the step-up Harmony 700 (all black).

As is standard for Logitech remotes, all three models are programmable via a Mac or Windows PC, and use activity-based commands such "Watch TV" or "Listen to Music" to control a home AV system.

The remote is roughly segmented into three main areas.

This is the first Harmony I have worked with that did not require a computer at any point.You simply choose your home-theater components from a list, explain how they're connected, and define their roles in activity-based functions, such as "Watch TV," "Watch DVD," and "Listen to music." For each function, you specify which devices and inputs the remote must enable.You can also choose which keypad functions will "punch through" to which specific devices--always having the channel buttons control the cable box or the volume controls dedicated to the TV, for instance.The previous model Harmony Ultimate Home needed a computer for firmware updates.The elite has already had a few updates even though it is just a week or two out in the world.

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