Definition of polyamory dating

But with the term polyamory we are not talking about a broad term of love but the romantic sexual love and this is where so much confusion can set it for so many people.In our outer world culture, sexual, romantic love is a well-defined box that every human being is supposed to be seeking.Most swingers do not bring their sex play buddies home for the holiday dinner with the parents and grandkids.They don’t have to decide which partner goes to the company party with them or how to share the house the five of them are buying to live in as a family.Many people are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, they enjoy sex for fun and they have many loves, while other people are genuinely monogamous.Polyamory is about romantic love with more than one person simultaneously and with honesty for all involved.It defines real love (love with our eternal soul-mate) as the one who we will “forsake” all others for.

For polyamorous folks, we have, or are trying to discard this narrative.We can meet wonderful lovers we move in and share our daily lives with, and some we may see just twice a year.We love them, they are romantic or love partners but they do not fit the box of the eternal soul-mate we forsake all others for.Past that how do you define romance, love and sexual love? Polyamory opens people to forming love bonds with more than one romantic partner.This opens up the possibility of multi-adult families raising children and living together.

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