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My old US dogbone needs a good scrubbing and some new conductive rubber pads (I might have some left from an old controller repair kit somewhere) before it will be completely up to par.

But once it is, I think it just might become my new favorite NES controller.

All we’re left with now are these neat little curiosities.

At least they make great conversation pieces at nerd parties. The FAQ is mostly complete so far (except for some world walkthroughs) and Greg and I will be updating and improving it over time.

Your goal is to blow up everything on the play field (normal blocks included) by tactical bomb placement. The last thing I have to report is a follow up on the couple Deadly Towers articles we had on here.

For your info, the cable that plugs into this type of socket is pictured on the left.

I was biased immediately by the slanted A-B button arrangement, which I definitely do not like for playing Super Mario Bros.

games (because I constantly hold down B with the tip of my thumb and use the ball of it to hit A and jump — the upward-slanted button line makes this play style awkward). I now highly recommend getting one and giving it a chance if you haven’t already.

After playing my new AV Famicom and the 18 games that came with it for a few days, I have a few things to report. But if that were all I had to say, then this would be a boring article. For example, I am quickly falling for the Nintendo “dogbone” controller.

It’s strange really; I’ve had one for years but never really gave it a good chance.

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